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We produce and sell the finest wines made of the best grape varieties.

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We use only 100% natural grapes, no impurities.


Amazing Taste

We make wine from selected grapes of the best varieties.


In the production of wine, we use only natural ingredients.

Ecological Safety

Grapes for wine production are grown in an ecologically clean place.

Natural Fermentation

We do not add alcohol or any additives to increase ABV.

Wine Aging

Before bottling, the wine is aged in special oak barrels.

Classic Varieties

From Chardonnay to Syrah, we offer classic wines that everyone likes.

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The Beginning 

Our family has been engaged in winemaking since the 18th century when the first grape bushes were planted in the Napa Valley by our ancestors.


Selling Wines

Our home-based winery in California became a small, family-owned business, that supplied wine for connoisseurs of this amazing drink.


Restart of Production

After the Second World War, we adopted the experience of European winemakers and began to use new technologies in our wine-making processes.


Worldwide Shipping

We used to sell our wines only wine only in California. But since 2010, we have been shipping our bottles to other American states and even other countries.

Timeless classic

Traditional Wine Varieties for Connoisseurs


From the very beginning of our winery, we have concentrated on the production of classic wines. 

The Reds

Cabernet Syrah Pinot Noir

The Whites

Chardonnay Sauvignon Blanc Pinot Grigio

Craft wines

Our Wines


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In Vino Veritas


Alcaeus, a famous Greek poet, said that the truth can be found in wine. Let's dive into the history of the most famous wine varieties to see the truth about them.

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Red Wines

Great selection of red wines for you.

White Wines

Top white wines for any occasion. 

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Our Wines Are Our Pride


The excellence of our wines has been proved by the following awards.

  • Illustration

    The Best Craft Wine in California


    Our Sauvignon Blanc wine was entered for the first time in a competition and immediately received this award. Experts noted the amazing aroma and luxurious taste of our wine. This award has become an important impetus for the development of our company.

  • Illustration

    The Most Intense Red Wine


    In 1992, in conditions of very tough competition from winemakers in our state, our wine managed to take first place. It was preferred by most critics of Orange Wine Fund. They noted the bright and rich taste of our Pinot Noir, its ruby color, and intense aroma.

  • Illustration

    Year's Best Chardonnay


    Our Chardonnay got a gold medal at the Wine Corporation Annual Contest. Our wine scored the highest number of points - 99 out of 100 possible, and was rated by experts and critics as “amazing”. By the way, a few bottles of Chardonnay produced in 2016 are still on sale.

  • Illustration

    The Best American Riesling


    In 2019, our wine was presented in this competition among all US wine producers for the first time. And right off the bat, it was able to get the highest award. Experts rated our Riesling wine at 97 points out of 100 possible, noting its excellent taste.


What Our Wine-Lovers Say


Wine is a bottled poetry. Read some stories from our customers below.

“I really like to please myself with good wine with a rich taste. Therefore, from time to time, I order wine directly from the CaliWines winery. I also buy Chardonnay and Cabernet for family holidays. We are completely delighted with the amazing taste of these wines, which we want to enjoy endlessly.”

Amanda Peterson

“We were to hold a responsible event with a buffet table and wanted to surprise our guests with some local products. I recalled that we have the CaliWines winery in California and ordered 10 bottles of Chardonnay. Our guests were delighted and asked for the name of the producer!”

Jeff Gordons

“Our restaurant has been cooperating with this winery for over 10 years. We order the whole range of wines from them. We are completely satisfied with the quality of the wine supplied to us. And our guests often choose CaliWines from our wine menu.”

Elizabeth Smith


World of Wines


Read our articles if you want to know more about wine production and selection.


Have a Question?

  • Are you a wholesale wine supplier?

    Our winery produces craft wine. Bulk orders are possible, but lots cannot be large.

  • Do you ship wine within the USA? 

    Yes, we ship your orders to any state and city in the United States, as well as abroad.

  • How many varieties are there in your winery? 

    Our winery offers wine-lovers more than 10 different varieties of wines with different aging periods.

  • Do you advise on the choice of wine? 

    Yes. Our winery experts will tell you more about the varieties and help you choose the best option for you.

  • Where are your vineyards located? 

    We are located in the Napa Valley, America's most famous wine region.


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We do not use chemical additives or aggressive fertilizers. Our wines are 100% organic.

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